Top Dog Breeds With Pictures
Of The Most Popular Breeds

This top dog breeds with pictures page is dedicated to the most popular dog breeds year in and year out. Yes, their yearly rankings might vary a bit, yet consistently they’re the most popular.

Why are they always the most popular? The answer to this can range from their beauty to their personalities to their availability whereas once a breed becomes popular there’s more of a demand for them and so breeders offer them and more show up at shelters and word gets out.

Regardless, we love all dogs from pure bred to mutts and just wanted to highlight these most popular breeds. Also, below these you’ll find other dog breed pictures of less popular dogs but that are loveable nonetheless.

Popular Dog Breeds With Pictures...

beautiful beagles out on a walk


boxer dog taking a nap


cute chihuahua puppy smiles for the camera


dachshund dog with a guilty look


golden retriever with flowers in it's hair

Golden Retrievers

beautiful german shepherd in the snow

German Shepherds

yellow labrador retriever puppy

Labrador Retrievers

cute poodle puppy going for a swim


yorkshire terrier puppy posing in a field

Yorkshire Terriers

Other Popular Breeds



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