Pug Images
Have You Ever Seen A Picture Of A Pug
That You Didn't Think Was Cute?

If you’re a fan of Pugs then you’ll love the Pug images in our galleries dedicated to this fascinating breed.

What makes them fascinating? to start...their appearance.

There’s a certain irresistibleness to that smooshed face as well as their comical waddle. Also included with this lovable doggie package is their wonderful personalities. Have you ever met a Pug you didn’t like?

Here’s a few interesting facts about this breed...

-It’s believed that a Pug’s signature wrinkles were valued because the extra skin flaps formed the shape of Chinese characters.

-Pugs are more susceptible to catching colds because of their short snouts. 

-They aren’t the greatest swimmers due to their trouble breathing and short legs. If drowning better hope you don’t see a Pug coming to your rescue!

-They’re the oldest breed of dog having been around since 400 BC.

-They aren’t high on energy as they’re known to sleep up to 14 hours a day.

-They were bred to sit in the laps of Chinese Emperors which explains the high value of their skin flaps (see first fact) and that they sleep 14 hours a day.

Enjoy Our Gallery Of Pug Images...

pug puppy that wants to play

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