Large Dog Breeds Pictures
Beauty, Brawn And Smarts In One Package

Love large dogs? Then you’ll love the large dog breeds pictures that we offer on this page.

Large breeds have year after year been some of the most popular of all dogs. Take for instance the Labrador Retriever. Every year for the longest time it’s been in the top 3 most popular breeds due to its beauty and intelligence.

And speaking of intelligence and good looks, the German Shepherd has few equals as any lucky owner of one of them can attest. They’re so smart that they’re loved by law enforcement and the military for their keen sense of smell, toughness and easy trainability.

And who can miss a Rottweiler when one enters the room? With males weighing in at around 125 lbs. we’d say they definitely qualify for this large dog breeds with pictures page. So without further delay here’s our...

Large Dog Breeds Pictures...

white german shepherd in fall leaves

German Shepherds

golden retriever balancing ball on nose

Golden Retrievers

Labrador retriever laying in field

Labrador Retrievers

beautiful rottweiler posing for camera


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