Pictures Of Golden Retrievers
Smart, Friendly and Beautiful

The pictures of Golden Retrievers on the following pages highlight one of the many reasons this breed is so popular and that’s their beauty.

Some of the other reasons are because of their friendliness, intelligence and their even temperament.

Here’s some additional facts about this breed...

-The pain tolerance of this dog is higher than most which makes them ideal for rescue work, therapy and police work.

-These dogs are smart! It’s almost like they come potty trained which understandably adds to their popularity.

-Labs are the ONLY breed to have webbed feet which helps them to swim well. Add to this their otter like tail which acts like a rudder combined with their love of water and you have a canine swimming machine!

-Labs have very soft mouths and seem to enjoy holding things in them.

-They are crepuscular. This means they are more active at dawn and dusk.

Our pictures of Golden Retrievers gallery...

golden retriever waiting to go for a swim

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