Small Dog Breeds Pictures
Cuteness On Four Legs With A Tail!

Consider this small dog breeds pictures page as a salute to the smallest of small, and the cutest of cute dog breeds out there.

Let’s face it, most of us feel that dogs are at their cutest when they’re puppies, it’s just that most grow out of that phase. Well, the dog breeds highlighted on this page stay small even when fully grown. It’s like they’re just larger puppies...dwarf dogs if you will!

No, we don’t mean to make fun of any pooch, it’s just that some, due to their size, have all the love of a larger dog but in a compact body...which makes them irresistible and made us dedicate this page to them.   

Small Dog Breeds Pictures

long haired chihuahua posing for camera


cute dachshund ready to play


pomeranian puppy ready to play


Cute pug puppy smiling for camera


dressed up maltese ready for a walk


cute yorkie puppy poses in a field of flowers


Mid-Sized Breed Pictures
They're Not Small Nor Large

cute beagle ready for a nap


handsome boxer poses for pic


cute bulldog puppy looking lonely


cocker spaniel puppy looking for a friend

Cocker Spaniels

beautiful white poodle smiles at the camera


miniature schnauzer puppy ready for some fun


> Pictures Of Small Dog Breeds

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